St Patrick Cemetery

Spring Cemetery Cleanup

Decoration clean-up for our cemetery will begin on April 15, 2021. Lot owners are requested to remove any Fall or Winter decorations they wish to save before May 1st. Beginning May 1, our cemetery staff will conduct a general cleanup.

Fresh cut flowers in an approved vase or basket are al-ways permitted, provided they are in good condition. All other decorations will be removed during the clean-up. During the cleanup cemetery staff removes and discards all items from graves.

Groundskeepers are instructed to leave any permitted new seasonal decorations that appear to be newly placed and are in accordance with the current cemetery Rules and Regulations.

Items not permitted include, but are not limited to:

Glass urns
Corner posts
Glass of any kind
Solar lights
Shepherd hooks
Flags and flag holders
Toys / stuffed animals
Temporary markers
Plantings of any kind
Wooden / plastic crosses
Crushed stone or wood chips

These rules and regulations are put in place for the safety of our visitors and staff, and to keep our cemetery beautiful for all. Thank you for your understanding.

For more information regarding our cemetery guide-lines, please visit our website at .