Father Mike’s Weekly Message



In this week’s Gospel, we hear that Jesus “began to teach them many things”. I love to teach. My wife and have taught many classes for RCIA, Prison ministry, and many others things. Of course being a father of 3 sons, I taught them many things while they lived at home.  But in all that, it will never be like what our Lord taught his people.  I taught from knowledge. Jesus teaches with authority. His teachings are truth and life eternal. His students are the world. His authority is of God. 

Perhaps we should listen very carefully as what he teaches us and to what we are expected to do with this learning. At the conclusion of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus commands us to “ …go out into the world and teach them everything I have commanded you to do.”

Now would be a good time to get started. Now here’s how you teach the world. Just say to whomever you see, “God loves you so much and there’s nothing you can do about it”. 


May God’s blessings continue to be upon us all. 😇🙏

Fr Mike

                                                                                                          News & Events

Starting immediately, our NEW memorial wall at St Patrick’s in both Catskill and Athens, will have a cross placed on it for each soul that was burred from St. Patrick’s Church. The cross will have the deceased name and date of death on it and will remain on our memorial wall to be honored at every mass for one year. 

At the end of one year from the death of that person, it will be taken down and given to the family of the deceased.

Please stay tuned for future announcements.